I've been trying to get a hold of Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian for the past two years. It all started when Ana made a particular statement that I can't ignore.

Ana made her statement during a TYT broadcast. It can be heard and seen in the following YouTube video. She makes the statement between the timestamps of 2:13 and 3:14:

Ana's Sincerity

What strikes me most, about Ana's statement, is her seeming sincerity. In fact, what she said, seems to be the general sentiment for the entire TYT network. Because of this, I'm dying to know what would happen if she, Cenk, or anyone else from the TYT network, read an article that I've written. It's entitled Why Logic Fails.

As the title suggests, Why Logic Fails showcases clear facts that would cause all honest and reasonable people to come to the same valid conclusion. However, upon examining these facts, often times, people don't come to the same obvious conclusion.

The facts that are presented in Why Logic Fails, are only able to appeal to those who are honest and sincere. Yet, often times, I've run across lots of people, who claim to vaule truth, logic and honesty, but their commitment to these values fail, when it comes to examining the facts that are showcased in the article. When this happens, it becomes clear that their sincerity about facts and logic, have limits.

My hope is that Cenk and Ana will read this message, and will be willing to address the unanimously accepted facts that are shown in Why Logic Fails. What would happen if they did this? Would they hold true to their values of truth, honesty and reason, or would logic fail?

I'm not a right-winger, nor do I work for the Biden administration. I'm a United States citizen who has watched TYT for a few years. I watch them because of their honesty and integrity. So, I'm genuine when I say that I'd love to find out whether or not their sincerity will hold, upon reading my article.

Anyone can read my article by clicking here. Lots of people get emotional when they read it, and many can't bear to read the entire ten pages, due to its controversial nature. I can't help but wonder what would happen if Cenk and Ana read it.